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The people who work at Restart Energy share the vision and values of our community.
We're a team of makers, thinkers and explorers building a sustainable future for everyone.

Armand Doru Domuta
Armand Doru Domuta
CEO & Founder
Armand Doru Domuta
Renato Doicaru
COO & Co-Founder
Armand Doru Domuta
Cristian Bogdan
Vali Malinoiu
Vali Malinoiu

Meet the advisors

Catalin Sorin Ivan
Cătălin Sorin Ivan
Member of the
European Parliament
Dr. Vlad Trifa
Dr. Vlad Trifa
Digital Lab
Michael Enescu
Michael Enescu
Energy Adaptive
Networks Expert

Media coverage

Always looking​ for the right person


We’re expanding on all fronts. And for us, the TEAM is the most important. If you think you are crazy enough to change the world with us, check out the positions available.

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